Friday, January 30, 2009

God answers prayer!

Well, as anyone who knows me knows too well, this year has started out pretty rough for me and my family. My kids have had a series of illnesses, which have been awful for them to go through, and have put major stress on us financially. My 2 year old in particular had been on 4 different antibiotics, two in November for an awful ear infection and two in January for an awful sinus infection. He had dropped down 5 pounds since November, from his normal 30 pounds. The other day I asked my sweet CAST team members (a group of wonderful Christian artists on Etsy) to pray with me for my son to gain back weight. I am so happy to say that within 36 hours, he gained back almost 3 pounds!!! Praise Jesus!!

Another thing that I had asked the CAST team to pray with me about was finding my lost antique ring. The ring was something I inherited when my great grandmother passed away in 2004. My grandma was very special to me, so much so that I named my daughter Hazel after her! The ring was her mother's, made in the early 1900s. So I was extremely upset that I could not find it, and it had been about three weeks since I saw it! Well praise Jesus even more!! I found it this morning, tucked in a pocket of my camera bag nice and safe!! I have been ecstatic all day that I found it!!


  1. Dont you just love it when He takes an interest in the smallest minute things that mean so much to His kids!!!
    Yay God!