Wednesday, December 15, 2010

2 More Days!

I'll be closing my shop up on Friday, only two more days! Free shipping continues for all orders withing the United States :) As I've said before, I am not sure when I will be coming back, so take advantage while you can! ~Lucy

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Deodorants Going Fast!

The deodorants are going fast! I am down to 25 tubes and I am not planning to order any more. SO if you need some, act fast! Just convo me with what you need and I will set up a custom listing for you! ~Lucy

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Updates + Holiday News!

So, as you can see, my shop did not stay closed through Thanksgiving week. We were planning to go on a trip to see family, but we all got really sick instead :( Because of this, I am changing the day that I will start my maternity leave. Instead of being open through December I will be closing on December 17th! If you need anything from my shop stock up, and your last day to order will be December 16th!!

Also, to celebrate the Holidays I will be offering free shipping on all orders within the US, starting TODAY and continuing until the day I close! This is a great chance to stock up! Remember, I am not sure when I will reopen, so get what you need now. I have lots of everything, if you need anything special just convo me :)

If you need deodorant you can either order one that I have listed, or convo me for a custom order (I don't have many scents listed but they are ALL still available). You can also get as many as you like in whatever scent you want! Just ask :)

If you would like a perfume oil I can make them in ANY scent also! I have not listed them because I have been feeling so rotten, but they are available and make great stocking stuffers! These are $8 each, and shipping is free in the US! If you would like one, just convo me. Ingredients are jojoba oil and either fragrance oil or essential oil. Very pure and wonderful perfumes, I have one in my purse all the time now in my Rice Flower and Shea scent. LOVE it!!

I am super fast about setting up custom listings ;) So don't be shy!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Taking it easy!

As I mentioned in my last post, I am pregnant and due in May! Pictured above is my little Gummy Bear a few weeks ago :) While I love running my little Etsy shop and serving my awesome customers, I have been feeling stretched a bit too thin since the start of this pregnancy. Pregnancy is not an easy time for any women, but I have a particularly rough time with it. In the past I have had surgery while pregnant and have spent a lot of time on bed rest. Of course my kids are SO worth it, and I am happy to have the opportunity to have another one! So, while I am hoping and praying for the best this time around, I am also trying to take it easy and pace myself. My energy has been quite low.,

So, I have made the decision to take a maternity leave! I will be closing my shop at the end of December and I am not sure when or if I will reopen. I really just need to focus on being a mom and spending my energy on my kids, because there is not a whole lot of energy to go around these days. I will also be putting my shop on vacation next week, because I will be visiting family and not getting on the computer at all!

Shop will be closed from Nov. 16-29, then closed again at the end of December indefinitely. This means it's time to stock up!! I have lots of deodorants in stock (about 50 tubes ready to be filled) so if you are hooked on No Offense Deodorant stock up now! I don't have a whole lot of listings posted, but I do have these available in ANY of my scents, just ask. I also have plenty of everything else in my shop! Get it while you can and stock up!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Tubes

Just an update on what's going on over here! I will be transitioning to a new type of tube for my deodorants. These are a better design and the lid comes on and off easier, so I think you will like them a lot. This change will be coming into affect as soon as I run out of the old tubes! Look for the new design in my shop next week!

Also, the perfume oils were not forgotten! I have just been very busy and dealing with morning sickness, so adding new products hasn't been my top priority! Yes, I am due in May to have my third child! We are so excited!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Perfume :)

I've been working on something new, perfume oil! I am putting together some really wonderful perfume oils in some little roller-ball bottles and I am loving it!! I have a few signature scents I am working on that will be 100% natural perfume oils, as well as some really classy phthalate free scents. These will be available in any of my scents, as well as some of my new signature scents that are only available in these perfumes. Look for some classics like Patchouli too :) I'm really excited about these and will be introducing them in my shop in the next few weeks! I've also made up a few more of my Hair and Body Sprays in some amazing men's scents! I'll be listing these soon too!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Free shipping on all US orders until Sunday July 25th!! Discounted shipping to everyone else! Check it out!!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

A New Twist!

Well, it's been a while since I posted anything, because I have been exceedingly busy. Business as far as my shop goes has been slllloooooowwww, but life has kept me full tilt! Because of this I have discontinued several of my more time consuming products, and plan to discontinue a few more in the next few months. In the beginning of this year I set out to stream line my shop, and that is still my goal! Products that I have discontinued are mascara, eye primer and stretch mark cream. I am also no longer going to make most of my soaps once they sell out!

I will be adding some new things to my shop though. Namely some amazing glycerin soaps, a paraben free lotion and some more facial care products. BUT, I am taking my time launching these because I am really just so busy over here. I will continue to sell my deodorants and makeup also, but I may drop a few colors.

Anyway, that's just an update! I hope you all are enjoying your Spring/Summer!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ooo La La!

Perfect Pearl Primer

I've been wanting to make a primer for a while, since many have requested one! Although you can use my Mineral Glow Veil as a primer as well, some with very dry sensitive skin may find it too drying. This new primer is the perfect solution! It is a luxurious blend of Silk and Pearls, which both aid in rejuvenating your skin, controlling shine and minimizing imperfections. I now use this product under my foundation during the day and also at night before bed as a skin care treatment. My skin has never been softer!!!

In addition to this amazing new primer, I also created a new foundation formula! Moisture Max Foundation is especially tailored to those with dry sensitive skin. It does not contain any of the ingredients that some may find too drying, like silica or kaolin clay. Instead it has a luscious creamy feel to it and gives a gorgeous youthful appearance to dry skin! I have dry skin myself and really love this foundation. And, the best part is, I was able to make all the same shades as the Mineral Silk Foundation!! So if you need a more moisturizing foundation it will be easy to transition to this new formula!

I am really excited to offer you these new products! I hope you love them as much as I do ;) ~Lucy

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Staying in Business

I wanted to let everyone know about some changes in my shop and the reasons behind them. Although these changes have been in affect for a while, I am just letting everyone know officially.

First change, I will not be giving out any free samples to beauty gurus, youtubers, or bloggers. It is not that I do not appreciate those of you who have done reviews for me; I think you all are fabulous and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! It is just that most of those I have sent free samples to have never done any review for me, they have simply taken freebies and I have gotten nothing in return. So, those scammers have left me very skeptical and I will not send out freebies to anyone, period. I will also not respond to your convos on Etsy, because I get entirely too many every day to spend time answering all of you.

Second change, I will only include freebies in orders over $50. When I first started up my business I included free samples with every order. As time has progressed I have realized that I do not have the time or resources to continue giving away so many freebies. Also, many times I just have no idea what to give as a freebie! Free samples still cost me money, and time, which cuts into my ability to provide reasonable prices and excellent service. I would rather get your order out to you fast and keep my prices low!

The main reason behind these changes is that I have to stay in business. The whole reason I run this business is to help provide for my kids, it’s not a hobby for me. If I don’t turn a profit, I won’t stay in business. My family relies on the money I make to pay for many things each month. So, as much as I would LOVE to give free samples to everyone, I have to control myself ;)

Starting today I WILL include a sample item with each order over $50! Each month I will choose an item that will be included with these orders. May’s item will be a FREE Cherry Vanilla Lip Balm with every order over $50!!

Many blessings to all of you! And thank you so much for your business! I truly have the most fabulous customers in the world!! ~Lucy

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Sunscreen Honey!!

Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen Lotion

It is here!! Listed and ready to order! Just in time for Summer! Yay!! Damage from the sun ages you so much, prevent the damage with this anti-oxidant rich sunscreen lotion! I'm seriously in love with this stuff. Before I made this I can not say I used sunscreen every day :( I did (and still do) use my mineral makeup on my face, but my arms, hands and anything else not covered by clothing were exposed too much to the suns damaging rays. Store bought chemical based sunscreens burnt my sensitive skin, so I never used them. This stuff is so light and not sticky or smelly like other sunscreens, so it does not bother me to wear it. I am proud to say that now that I created this stuff I happily wear it every day, even under my makeup as my day time facial lotion. :D And I slather it on my kids too, they don't mind at all! Yay! ~Lucy

PS. I also have a new Coral Bliss Lip Tint in my shop, another thing I've been wearing every day since I made it ;)

Monday, April 26, 2010

New Vegan Goodies!

Here are my new AMAZING vegan lip products! I am loving them both! I will also be transitioning some of my current colors into vegan/all natural versions after I sell out of the ones I have made up now :)

In other vegan news, I just made up a batch of No Offense Vegan Deodorant in Perfect Peach! Why Perfect Peach? Well, I needed a deo for myself and I was in a peachy mood. I even made some of my Hair and Body Spray in Perfect Peach too, for scent layering purposes ;)

I'll be listing the deo and spray soon! As soon as I can get some photos of them. You see, my camera broke from someone dropping it one too many times (no names). And so I am forced to use my husband's camera to take my product shots now. The problem? Well he is hardly ever home and uses his camera for work... *sigh* But he said he will leave it here for me tomorrow :)

Ok, now I need to cook some actual food and stop making other things... for a little while at least :D


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Site!

So my kids and I are all sick and dragging around over here, but I did manage to get something productive done. I finally started working on my own website to sell Mum Mum's goodies! It is a work in progress and doesn't have everything up yet, but here it is!

Ok, back to my bed.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Face Skin Care

I have still been exceedingly busy, but I did manage to get my Happy Face Skin Care line posted in my shop! I developed these products to help my maturing daughter with her troubled skin. With some encouragement from everyone who tried this line, I decided to start selling it! I have been seeing amazing results with this line! The lotion and astringent are formulated to help balance your skin, providing necessary moisture and controlling excess sebum production. It is truly amazing stuff and I am very excited to offer it to my customers! Check it out! ~Lucy

Monday, January 25, 2010

Been So Busy!

I've had a plan in my mind for a while now; to organize my shop, get rid of some things, post some new things, make new color charts, etc. But life keeps getting too busy to get this done and I keep putting it all off. *sigh*

So, even though I had planned on getting all this done this month, looks like maybe it will happen next month. I did start a new blog today though, which I have been wanting to do! It's all about my backyard :D which is part of why I have been so stinkin busy! Check it out it out here if you would like ;)

Ya know, sometimes I think I need to hire an assistant. This whole one woman show thing isn't working! Ahh, well, at least I have a job! Which is a blessing :D


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shop Open and Some Other News!

My shop is now back up and running!! Yay!! I am still not totally back to normal though, so I will only be shipping two days a week for a while; Tuesday and Saturday.

I am also having a FREE SHIPPING SALE from now till January 15th!! It's my way of saying Happy New Year and getting 2010 off to a good start :)

Other things to look for in January, I will be introducing several new products! I have what I call my Happy Face line coming to the shop soon. It's an amazing facial line for blemished or unbalanced skin and includes an astringent and a facial lotion, which can be used with either our Tea Tree Face Soap or our Gentle Face Soap.

My testers are in love with this facial set and I can't wait to share it with you all!! I have been using it too, even on my extremely sensitive dry skin it works great! Both the astringent and the lotion are blended with wonderful essential oils that aid in balancing the skin.

I will also be listing my two new colors; Pickles and Pretty, so keep an eye on the shop! And I am working on a NEW foundation for dry skin!!!


Lucy :)