Monday, November 23, 2009

Surgery Rescheduled :(

Well, there has been a change of plans. Just got back from my pre-op visit and the doctor said we need to postpone the surgery for two weeks due to the illness I am recovering from and the medicines I am on :( I am super disappointed that it has to be put off, but I guess that's life.

So, the new schedule is for the 9th of December. I will be putting my shop on vacation on the 8th of December. This means you have more time to do Christmas shopping :)

Thanksgiving Give Away - WINNER!!

With a total of 28 entries, I went to to find a winner! The lucky number was 14, which is dlsarmywife! Deborah will now get the colors she wished for FREE!! Deborah chose Deep, Brackenridge Purple and Softly, with a Ruby Kiss Lip Tint :)

I want to thank everyone who participated! I LOVED reading all of your wish lists, and I wish I could send each of them to you! You are all the best!! Thank you!

On a side note, today is the LAST day my shop will be open for at least a few weeks! Stop by if you need anything!


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Purple Mascara and Other News :)

I worked on some gorgeous purple mascara today, and I am so pleased with how it came out! It is a nice rich deep purple, in my same fabulous formula as the black and brown. I just LOVE purple on eyes, and now you can have it on your lashes too!

As far as I know my surgery will still be on the 25th, and I will still be closing my shop on the 24th! (I see the doc on Monday to finalize things) If you need ANYTHING now is the time to get it! I will most likely NOT be back in time for Christmas shopping, so please order now if you need anything for Christmas :)

Also, I will be randomly drawing a winner on Monday for my Thanksgiving Give Away! If you have not already entered to win, do so soon! Details are HERE! Don't miss out! You might be the winner!


Monday, November 2, 2009

I Can't Believe I Won, TWICE!!

OK, usually I NEVER win anything, even though I always try LOL! Well, I recently won TWO blog giveaways!! First I won Allison's giveaway for a pair of these amazing mittens! They arrived super fast and I totally love them! Allison has several awesome shops on etsy (my fave is in this link, but visit all her shops please).

Then, today I just found out I won another give away here!! Terry is responsible for the giveaway, her shop is here! What I won is a gorgeous pair of earrings from FACCIAFELICE on etsy! I am so excited!

Truly I am so grateful for cool people who do giveaways! My kids and I are feeling flu-ish since yesterday; we're staying in our pjs and drinking lots fluids (trying to get all better before my surgery!) Anyway, this really perked me up! Thanks ladies!!