Friday, August 21, 2009

We're on Facebook Now!

I just started a Facebook Fanpage! I am going to try to post lots of cool stuff on there! If you are on Facebook, I would love it if you became a fan of our page!

You can see the entire Velvet Collection there, some have not been listed yet :O


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Gotta Love It!!

I am so so so happy that I finally got this mascara formula just right! It seems like I have been working on it for ages! I felt so silly even wearing eye shadow without mascara, because I seriously could not wear the store bought stuff. No more! I am in love with my new mascara creation and no longer have to suffer from naked eye lashes! I can wear it all day and not have watery itchy eyes, yay!!!

This mascara is currently available in Black and Brown, but I am hoping to add some other shades in the future...Navy maybe...Plum? Who knows! Let me know if you have any special mascara color requests!

Coming soon in my shop, Eye Primer! I am currently formulating an eye shadow primer! This eye primer will make problems with creasing a thing of the past! I am so excited about this stuff! Also coming soon, new blushes and 3-in-1 colors! Busy, busy, busy! As usual!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Closing a Door....

Since 2007 I have been selling my handmade jewelry. While I still LOVE jewelry and playing with beads, this aspect of my business has taken a back shelf to my bath & beauty items, especially since I started selling on etsy as Mum Mum's Crafts

I have been so busy listing, relisting and creating makeup and bath products that I have not even had time to list my jewelry, let alone make more! So, I am closing down Mum Mum's Beaded Jewelry and will be devoting my efforts to! I am closing the door to selling jewelry, to open the door for MORE makeup, soap, lotion, deodorant and other goodies!

Please visit for some AWESOME deals while supplies last! I am making time to list all the things I still have, and everything is marked 50% off!!!