Friday, October 28, 2011

The Very First Etsy Scavenger Hunt

Mum Mum's Crafts will be a part of the very first Etsy Scavenger Hunt! Find out how to play by clicking here. It should be loads of fun and is a great way to find new shops on Etsy. There are also prizes to be won! So join in the fun! Starts November 1st through the 6th. Mum Mum's Crafts will be offering a 15% discount to scavenger hunters as well!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

To Stink or Not To Stink?

That is the question! Let's talk about deodorant again, shall we? I was surprised to read recently that even some "natural" deodorants on the market today contain aluminum! Namely, those "crystal rock" deodorants that have been popular for many years, yup, they still have aluminum in them. Read more about it here! We already know aluminum increases the risks of developing Alzheimer's, but did you know it can also contribute to breast cancer!! This article found on Dr. Mercola's website explains recent findings linking antiperspirants and deodorants containing aluminum to breast cancer.

The thing is many people will go ahead and take the risk in order to avoid offensive stinking. I mean really, who wants to smell bad?? About 4 years ago I was still using big-name antiperspirants and I started developing majorly swollen glands under my arms. It was painful and alarming and I knew it was because of the antiperspirants. So, I started buying "healthy" deodorants from the health food store....I tried every single one they had on the shelf and I still stunk. I mean, you know you really need something better when you stink 30 minutes after getting out of the shower!!

So I started my quest to make a natural, aluminum free, paraben free, phthalate free deodorant that would actually WORK!!! I spent around 4 months of trial and error until I perfected my No Offense Deodorants. I worked on consistency and finding the right combination of ingredients to last without stinking and without toxic chemicals! I have to say, my deodorant is my invention I am most proud of. And when I closed my shop for maternity leave it was the one thing people were stocking up on in a big way! Why? Because it works and no one wants to smell bad!

If you haven't tried my No Offense Deodorants you can find them on Etsy and on Hyena Cart. My deodorant may take a little getting used to, it isn't clear! It goes on white and feels like a thick lotion. But in the long run it is so worth it! You don't have to feel like you have to risk your health in order to avoid stinking, alternatives are available ;) I make my No Offense Deodorants in men's, women's and unisex fragrances so that anyone can have a healthy alternative to stinky pits and toxic chemicals!


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Off to a Walking Start

So I've been back in business about a month now. Things have been sllllooooowww, both on Etsy and on Hyena Cart. I know a lot of that is because I've been so busy and haven't been listing things as much as I should. I am making new things and having a ball though!!

Lipstick has been my new creative outlet! So far I've come up with 4 colors and I'm trying to come up with names at the moment so I can list them :) I have many more color ideas running through my head too. The trouble with being creative is that many times all the ideas running around in your head keep you awake at night... *yawn*

I also am trying to work on new photos for my items. I would love some catchy ideas for photographing makeup if you have any! I have to work on capturing the colors accurately and artistically. My pics look blah to me right now, but maybe that's because I've been looking at them for years already! Time for some updated pics ;)

Anyway, all that to say I feel like I am off to a walking start, not at all a running start. It's a very slow walk LOL, but at least I am not standing still ;)