Friday, March 6, 2009

Sweet little reminders!

I made these lotion bars because I wanted to do something to help encourage and support the culture of life. With the many appalling new initiatives being set forth by the government to enable and encourage the death of the innocent, I feel it is important for people to make a stand and support the groups that are helping save the innocent. Groups like the Crisis Pregnancy Center (CPC)! The CPC helps educate women about their babies and helps those in need to gain access to the right resources to be able to care for their babies. These Solid Lotion Bars serve to support the CPC, with 50% of each sale going directly to them and the other 50% going to make more! The sweet little baby feet on the tin and the bar also remind us to do what we can to support life. Each life is precious and can make a difference in this world! ~Lucy


  1. What a fantastic product and a beautiful gift for the cause of life!

  2. Go Lucy! I am greatly encouraged anytime some one speaks up for the unborn. I stand with you.