Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Accident!!

First of all, I would like to clear something up! Apparently, there are companies out there mass producing mineral makeup and selling it wholesale for people to package up and resell. Some people have asked if my products are like this, for the record they are NOT! I make each and every one of my colors from scratch and they are my own unique formulas! If they happen to look similar to another product out there or share the name of another product out there that is purely coincidental! Every single one of my mineral colors has been custom blended by me :)

Now, that being said, I had a very happy accident while mixing up one of my Velvet Collection colors the other day! I used the wrong amount of one of my ingredients and I knew it immediately because the color didn't look right. It didn't look like the color I was trying to make, but it was GORGEOUS!!! Just when I thought I could keep my current color charts for a while I had to go and make a new color LOL!

It is a beautiful, pure matte, neutral pinky beigey kinda color. I have been wearing it out to 'test' it the past few days and have a new favorite! I am using it as a very natural looking blush and eye shadow! As a WAHM, I don't normally get super dolled up on a regular day, but I also don't go without makeup since I am representing my company where ever I go! This color is just so fabulous, because it looks so natural, but so pretty and put together at the same time!

I only have enough for me made at the moment, but will totally be making more!! I know you will love this color!! Gotta get some pics of it too, I think I will just call it Pretty :) I also have a few other colors rolling around in my head that I need to make, mainly blushes and 3-in-1 Colors! This chart is going to need to grow!


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