Sunday, May 17, 2009

Walking Again???

Well, not quite! I took a few little walks with my crutches, but still can not put my full weight on my right leg. Ouch, it hurts! I knew it would be hard, but had no idea it would be THIS hard! You know you hear of people having to learn how to walk again? Well I would always think how silly that sounded, why would someone have to relearn how to walk? How could they forget in just a few months?

I now understand exactly what this means. No, people don't forget how to walk, their muscles become very weak and they CAN'T walk. I am experiencing this now. My mind knows exactly what needs to be done, but my legs just aren't doing it. They sit there painfully protesting this activity. It is a real challenge to force them into motion again. It turns out my left ankle is sprained and my right ankle had extreme trauma that needs to be overcome. Walking in two braces is not easy either. It is very hard to balance and not fall again.

I know God is with me. This is just a real hard time. I appreciate all the prayers!


  1. Ooh Honey this I guess is the hard bit!Praying for you, for your muscle to begin to work for you again, blessings xx

  2. Yes we are all praying for you dear Lucy! *hug*

  3. Praying that you are well and whole soon with everything communicating properly and the muscles doing their job. Praying that you have peace during the time that it takes to get everything working again so that you can make a full recovery.