Monday, November 2, 2009

I Can't Believe I Won, TWICE!!

OK, usually I NEVER win anything, even though I always try LOL! Well, I recently won TWO blog giveaways!! First I won Allison's giveaway for a pair of these amazing mittens! They arrived super fast and I totally love them! Allison has several awesome shops on etsy (my fave is in this link, but visit all her shops please).

Then, today I just found out I won another give away here!! Terry is responsible for the giveaway, her shop is here! What I won is a gorgeous pair of earrings from FACCIAFELICE on etsy! I am so excited!

Truly I am so grateful for cool people who do giveaways! My kids and I are feeling flu-ish since yesterday; we're staying in our pjs and drinking lots fluids (trying to get all better before my surgery!) Anyway, this really perked me up! Thanks ladies!!


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  1. Congrats Lucy! I saw that you won the other giveaway too! That's great :)