Monday, April 26, 2010

New Vegan Goodies!

Here are my new AMAZING vegan lip products! I am loving them both! I will also be transitioning some of my current colors into vegan/all natural versions after I sell out of the ones I have made up now :)

In other vegan news, I just made up a batch of No Offense Vegan Deodorant in Perfect Peach! Why Perfect Peach? Well, I needed a deo for myself and I was in a peachy mood. I even made some of my Hair and Body Spray in Perfect Peach too, for scent layering purposes ;)

I'll be listing the deo and spray soon! As soon as I can get some photos of them. You see, my camera broke from someone dropping it one too many times (no names). And so I am forced to use my husband's camera to take my product shots now. The problem? Well he is hardly ever home and uses his camera for work... *sigh* But he said he will leave it here for me tomorrow :)

Ok, now I need to cook some actual food and stop making other things... for a little while at least :D


1 comment:

  1. I LOVE my new lip balms & lip tints <3 Lemon cream smell soooo good :D

    Nea/ Fashioned in Finland