Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's Sunscreen Honey!!

Acai Berry Anti-Oxidant Sunscreen Lotion

It is here!! Listed and ready to order! Just in time for Summer! Yay!! Damage from the sun ages you so much, prevent the damage with this anti-oxidant rich sunscreen lotion! I'm seriously in love with this stuff. Before I made this I can not say I used sunscreen every day :( I did (and still do) use my mineral makeup on my face, but my arms, hands and anything else not covered by clothing were exposed too much to the suns damaging rays. Store bought chemical based sunscreens burnt my sensitive skin, so I never used them. This stuff is so light and not sticky or smelly like other sunscreens, so it does not bother me to wear it. I am proud to say that now that I created this stuff I happily wear it every day, even under my makeup as my day time facial lotion. :D And I slather it on my kids too, they don't mind at all! Yay! ~Lucy

PS. I also have a new Coral Bliss Lip Tint in my shop, another thing I've been wearing every day since I made it ;)

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