Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New Skin Care!

SO, here are some great new things I have to offer, for the most sensitive among us! I have found that most people who have super sensitive skin, and can't seem to find ANYTHING they can use on their skin without getting irritated are reacting to the preservatives in their skin care. This is a big problem, because most of the time chemical preservatives are just necessary!! BUT, I wanted to offer some things for these people, so that they can still feel great about themselves and take good care of their skin. There are four new items I have to offer that are all 100% natural and excellent choices for the most sensitive skin!

First there is my new Happy Face Cleansing Oil. This is a great start to your skin care routine! You can use this alone, or as a makeup remover and then use another cleanser if you wish. The beauty of this stuff is that it can be used for the "oil cleansing method" in which you clean your skin with just oil! Those of you who have tried this method may have been a bit annoyed with using vegetable oil out of your kitchen, which simply doesn't measure up. I made this with YOU in mind! Enjoy :)

Next up I have two masks to detoxify, exfoliate and bring out the best in your skin! One for skin that tends to be more blemished/oily and one for skin that is on the dry/sensitive side. Both of these masks come in powder form, so that you can have fun mixing your own masks! Add whatever you wish, yogurt, honey, milk, or of course water ;) Make a little at a time, just mixing up one spoon of powder with your choice of liquid, voila!

And to round up this all natural skin care line I have my Happy Face Moisturizing Oil! This stuff with rock your world, for real. I LOVE IT!!! Just a few drops moisturizes your entire face and neck, firming the skin, deeply moisturizing, and helping to balance your skin. Just trust me, this is awesome!

So there you have it! All you super sensitive folks out there, ENJOY!!! :)

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