Thursday, February 12, 2009

Today I would like to give a shout out to a wonderful artist who is doing so much to speak out on behalf of unborn babies across the country. Her name is Melody and not only does she have a wonderful etsy shop, she also has been making an effort to support her local Crisis Pregnancy Center. Melody has started the Handmade for Life movement, which I hope will sweep across the nation! Handmade for Life is a group of crafters and artists who use their talents to help support ProLife initiatives across the country.

If you are a ProLife artist and would like to get involved with this project, please contact sewmelody on etsy today. She is accepting donations until February 20th for the Handmade for Life Basket that will be raffled off. All proceeds will go to her local Crisis Pregnancy Center. With the government now funding abortions, groups like the Crisis Pregnancy Center need our help more than ever to save baby's lives. We can use our creations to save His creations. I also encourage you to buy from the fabulous artists who support life! Let's make a difference!

The precious heart in the photo was made by wordzoflife on etsy! Check out her shop for more sweet hearts!

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  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful write-up, Lucy! I'm so grateful to be walking this journey with courageous and talented artists like you. I, too, hope this spreads far and wide and that we can continue to encourage, support and inspire each other in our work to defend the sanctity of life!