Sunday, September 11, 2011

Back in Action!

Yesterday I reopened my Etsy shop, and it feels SO good to be back in action! Yes, my kids and new baby keep me extremely busy, but my little side business provides me with some "me" time to express my creativity.

Upon returning I had to reorder some supplies, and sadly discovered that many of the ingredients in my No Offense Deodorant were much more expensive then when I closed. I am currently reformulating and trying to get the price more reasonable, because if I kept making the old formula I would have to more than double my old price. Ouch!! Don't worry though, I will make sure it works as good or better than the old one and I will try to keep the price as low as I can. :)

I also have been dreaming up a new skin care line and will introduce it soon!! I am so excited to have a full skin care line for my customers! This was something I didn't really have time to work on while I was open before, so I used some of my down time to work on it. I will have a set for normal/oily/troubled skin and a set for normal/dry/mature skin as well as a few things for any skin type. Sounds complicated, but really I will be streamlining and keeping things simple for you, and for me!

Other new things in the shop are that I am no longer doing custom orders, what you see is what you get! In order to keep up with my 3 children I will only be making products on Saturdays and listing only what I have available. This will allow me to ship faster than ever though, so you will get your goodies ASAP! I will most likely be able to ship on the next business day from when I receive an order :D I will also only be making small batches of everything so that you are insured fresh products.

I am going to eliminate many of my Mineral Eye and 3-in-1 colors also, but will keep the best ones. Let me know if there is a color you gotta have and I will try to include it in the line! I'll also be revamping my Lip Tints, but am offering my all original colors for now. Get them while you can!

You may be wondering what the baby picture has to do with any of this...nothing actually ;) I just think she's adorable and had to share!

Blessings and I look forward to serving you again! ~Lucy

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